Cerita Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time, in the TNKS (Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat) lived many kinds of animal. They lived together in harmony and always worked together happily, but there was a mouse deer called “Kancil” that very tricky and very crafty. He always did something that make the other hurt or angry with him., however all of animals always become friend with him.
One day Kancil want to go to fishing in TNKS river. On the way to TNKS,he met tiger.
”Hi, kancil nice to meet you here, where will you go?”….
“Hi, tiger, nice to meet you too….I want to fishing in TNKS river over there, would you come to joint with me?”..
“oooops….very interesting…..ok, I will joint with you….”…
Then kancil gave tiger all his fishing tools. Tiger pick up that all in his back while it was kancil walked happily.
At the side of river they meet buffalo stand alone,
”hi buffalo ,what are you doing?….,why you look so sad?”, kancil asked buffalo friendly.
Buffalo said” I have no friend here, but actually the problem is I am very hungry….. almost 2 days I haven’t eat yet”
“ooo…poor buffalo….. ok,would you joint us to fishing here?….. hope we will have a lot of fish,then you can eat contently”
“ok, kancil, tiger…ypu are so kind to me, I’ll come along with you to fishing.”
They enjoy fishing all day. They sing a song together happily. After that, the plaited rattan fish trap was full, Kancil said
“Ok, guys, enough…our plaited rattan was full ,it’s time to lunch, I’ll grilled it all for both of you,friends..”
Tiger and buffalo very happy , they think kancil will dishes yummy grill fish for them. Kancil ordered tiger and buffalo to take a bath before lunch.
”Tiger, you have to go bath because you have very dirty and smell bad, It make me desire.., can you take a bath until your smell become good?”……
“and,you, buffalo, your back is dirty and full of mud….hmmm, very dirty and untidy..….oh, guys, please take a bath, and I’ll dishes it for you, after you are take a bath, then we can get lunch together….,please…”
Tiger and caribou take a bath enthusiasm. They imagine about grill fish that Kancil have been made for them….”hmmmm….yummy….yummy….”
“ok, Tiger I’m ready to eat”
“Oh, buffalo, me too….let’s go..”
When they arrived at the place where they left Kancil to grilled fish, they didn’t find Kancil there, the place empty but the fire still burn….. Tiger and caribou smell grill fish very tease…
”Kanciiiil….where are you?”..Tiger and buffalo call Kancil loudly….
”Kancil….hello……where are you?”…. But there was no answer.Tiger and buffalo suddenly surprised by crow….
”crack….crack….crack….,look at the top of the three…you will find what are you looking for…!”
Tiger and buffalo very astonishment when they look Kancil eat all grill fish alone at top of the three.
“Kancil, give us your grill fish, please…we are very hungry..”
“Huh….sorry, it’s not enogh for me too..”
“Kancil, you are so greed..” We hate you…and we belief God will be angry with you…”Tiger and buffalo scream angrily.
Suddenly the branch of the three was broken..and Kancil falling down to land, Kancil sream loudly..”AAAAAAkkkhhhhh…….”
At last, Kancil get an accident and become flawed Kancil. His bone leg was broken, his body was bruised and his eyes become blind……Oh….poor crafty Kancil……
(Ok, friend that ‘s all story about crafty Kancil. We can take a philosipy that live with goodness and kindness is better than become a tricky or crafty people… Thank you for you’re attention…till we meet again in another great story.. Wass)

2.Meet The Robinson

Once upon a time, there was a small town. Suddenly, there a women with a baby come to the reformatory. Its one of orphanage in this town. silently to keep quiet….the women knock the door of that orphanage ,put the baby in floor,and run away….the baby was cried very loudly and suddenly the one of official member of that orphanage open and take the baby from out door.


That boy name is Louis he is become mad about science. he has friend named goob. When some parents want to adopted him, he always show his science inventory, but the science project always failed, no one want to adopt him. he feel hopeless. One times there was a science fair. he think it was his time to show. he made a brilliant project! The MEMORY SCANNER!.But when Louis make it, goob never sleep because Louis is sonoisy when he make that project But, when he presentated his project, there was a bad guy named BOWLER HAT GUY from future and his hat dorris. they are very evil. They make Louis project failed. Louis is hopeless. when Louis is pile up, there was boy named Wilbur. Wilbur is from future and need Louis help. So they go to the future. In the future, Louis go to Wilbur home and must recover his self, because he is from past. In there, he meet the Robinsons family and because abumpy landing, the time machine 1 is broken. in the past, BHG steal Louis project and go to the future by Wilbur time machine. But, when in the future, BHG cannot explain to Inventco corp how to used it. so he want to kidnap Louis. its failed,but once times, Wilbur is  lying to Louis. So Louis is angry and join to BHG . now, BHG Can use the project because Louis is tell him. Apparently it used for evil.louis is tricked by BHG because BHG swear to accompany Louis with his mom. After finish explain to inventco,BHG is cheated by his elect hat,dorris.in future,dorris is control over the world,so Louis have to save it.dorris is lose when fight with Louis. BHG is tell to Louis he is goob. BHG is become Louis friend,but he is hazy.after long time Wilbur explain apparently Louis is Wilbur father. He back to the past and he win that contest


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